McAfee WebAdvisor 4.0.186

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McAfee WebAdvisor 4.0.186
McAfee WebAdvisor 4.0.186

McAfee WebAdvisor is an efficient internet security tool with which you can keep your online experience safer than earlier. It assists you in avoiding potentially harmful websites by skimming through their content and pointing out presence of malware. It is a useful browser add-on in terms of functions, but its accuracy is under question.

Internet is still considered an unsafe place because many websites attempt to steal user information or inject harmful content into PCs. McAfee WebAdvisor is a reliable solution that guides you regarding this matter and ensures secure internet browsing. It performs detailed analysis and generates reports on the basis of collected information. This report is helpful in determining the credibility of website and helps you in deciding whether you should visit it again or not. Basically it is a browser plugin that is integrated with selected web browsers and can be accessed through icon in menu bar.