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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2018 is an awesome tool for keeping the system safe from malware. Since it is available in around 29 different languages, it can be used by many people who can understand any of the listed languages. Its free version is available that can be downloaded from our shared link, while its Premium version includes more beneficial features and can be bought by paying license fee of $24.95 per year. When any user downloads it, he will get 14 days of premium membership for testing purpose.

Malwarebytes is multi-device compatible and provides proactive protection in multiple layers for windows, android and Mac. This ensures smarter detection and better cyber security for all devices. The program can also be used for business and provides three important features: endpoint protection, endpoint security and incident response. This means that you get centralized end-point protection for your device that is cloud based or on-premises via either a single agent or with multiple layers for comprehensive protection as well as rapid response when malware is detected. Its advanced technology also means that it can be used by technicians in any line of programming to keep out even the most subtle threats.

Malwarebytes is stable on all interfaces, is easy to use thanks to the detailed yet simple instructions and maintains a high quality scanning engine and is a good choice for anyone cyber security minded.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is capable of providing real time protection against malware and Viruses. It blocks the content and URLs that seem harmful for the system protection. It can run in the presence of many other Anti-Virus tools, so there is no need to install the other software before using it. It lets you schedule the scans on the system for efficient use. Its recent updates have made it advanced to detect and delete more powerful security threats.

Dashboard is the basic element for an Anti-Virus software as it displays here the basic information of the tool along with the status of the system. The dashboard shows the membership plan that you are using for the software. It displays the version of Database and can also download the updates if available. The next schedule of Scanning process is displayed too. If you are facing any problems then you can visit the help section for problem solving.

Malwarebytes Premium scans the files of the system in order to detect whether any threatening malware is present or not. There are three types of scans that you can perform on your system. Threat Scan is a comprehensive plan that checks all the system files, data files, registry and system memory for any threats. Custom Scan lets you select which files or drives you want to scan. Hyper Scan is the appropriate action when you want to perform a quick scan over Memory and Startup Objects.

With general settings you can change tool language, notifications status or can restore default settings in case of any issue. The other setting options include Web exclusions, malware exclusions, detection and protection settings, update settings, history settings, access policies, advanced settings and automated scheduling.

It includes two sub-categories. Quarantine category has the backup of all the files that were detected with malware and was deleted after scan results. After you have made sure that the infected files that you have removed are not of any importance then you may delete them from this section too. Applications Log category contains the reports of all the scans that have been performed earlier with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

The innovative design of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software is very user friendly and attractive. It’s easy to use options have made it more popular because even a beginner can understand the instructions that have been given for proper use of the tool. To be precise, it is a very useful tool that every computer user should own for protecting his system from external interference.



  • Easy to use
  • Scans fast
  • Removes all traces of malware for complete safety


  • Malware definition updates


Cleans infections - 9
Real-time protection - 9
Scans faster - 9