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Malwarebytes News

Changes in Malwarebytes 3.7.1 (2019-02-05):


  • Added new Play Mode feature for paid users to allow uninterrupted gaming or streaming experience
  • Improved compatibility between the Web Protection module and other third-party software

Performance/protective capability

  • Compliance with Microsoft’s Early Launch Anti-Malware requirements for W10
  • Improved detection and remediation techniques

Stability/issues fixed

  • Fixed a BSOD related to netio.sys
  • Fixed On Reboot scheduled scans not honoring scan settings and showing incorrect Next Scan date
  • Fixed a mismatch between Malwarebytes and Windows Action Center regarding Update status
  • Fixed problem where certain settings were not accurately retained on upgrade
  • Improved performance in Safe Mode so only essential functionality runs
  • Addressed numerous other miscellaneous defects

Malwarebytes Software Review

Malwarebytes is a next-gen anti-malware security program that focuses on new, advanced and subtle malware infections and online threats. It is not a traditional antivirus program and doesn’t offer comprehensive cover as it focuses on the newer threats that older programs might miss. The 3.2 version of the Malwarebytes is the latest upgrad...[Read More]


Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that protects PCs against spyware, adware, ransomware, malicious programs and viruses which threaten millions of PCs around the world today. It comes in two versions – the Free version and the Premium version. The anti-malware scans your PC, detects and cleans up any existing forms of Malware. Mali...[Read More]