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KMPlayer 2018 is a program every computer owner should have. It comes with downloadable skin which make it look stylish and fashionable. Apart from its look, the player is able to support different range of audio, video and their subtitle and the same time one can screen shot, capture specific video and audio.The files format supported include 3GP, WMA 7, FLV, MPEG(1/2/3), AAC, VCD, DVD, WMV(7,8), WMV, Ogg, OGM, Real media, Quick Time and MKV. The player can support different operating system including windows, OSX , Android  and ios. Its available in several languages including English, Brazilian, Arabic, Thai, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hebrew, Finnish, Korean, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Albanian, Portuguese, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, and Hindi. Because of those wide range of language any person from any part of the world is able to use it comfortably. with all those supper brilliant features Kmplayer is rated as one of the best player.

frequently abbreviated in the market as KMP, is a media player that supports and plays on a huge variety of formats. It was first launched in the October of 2002. The user base is very broad which reflects the high performance and flexible user interface provided by the media player. Furthermore, it is now available as a mobile application as well.

What Sets It Apart?
In a technological era where there are multiple media players to choose from, KMPlayer sets itself apart. Firstly, it supports nearly all the media formats that have been introduced. Some of these are those which you will be well aware of, like DVD, VCD, 3GP and so forth. Secondly, it connects your smart phone to the PC, and allows you to play movies and songs and other media from your PC directly on your smart phone. The bypass that it provides on downloading and Bluetooth transfer not only makes for an interesting and refreshing change, it is also a time saving tactic.

What are the Advantages?
A brief introduction to the pros of KMPlayer is given as follows:
1. The application is easy to use and has an easy user interface. There are no technical complexities involved.

2. It can work with all the famous and common formats of media, such as the DVD, VCD, MPEG 1, 2 and 4, FLV, 3GP and so forth.

3. Since the year 2014, the player is now also available in the Android market. This helps the user to stream media on the mobile phone directly from the computer.

4. In the AVI format, the player is able to ignore the damaged frames and still play the undamaged parts. This means that if a portion of one format file gets corrupted, KMP does not find this a liability.

5. The software and the associated applications are completely free.

Thanks to these features, KMP has been listed among the five best media players in the Lifehacker reviews, and has been called as one of the “most powerful” of the players currently available in the market.

What are the Disadvantages?
For those people who delve in technicalities too much and who are basically technology geeks, the player might not be as impressive as Lifehacker made it sound when including it in its best 5 list.

1. When fast forwarding a song or a video, the quality of the audio tends to fall a little and then recovers after reaching a certain point.

2. The player has been reported to be virus prone.

KMPlayer, in spite of its cons, still maintains a good reputation in the technology world of today, and is still amongst the most downloaded media players. The company is sure to address any criticisms. In the meantime, the function of the player remains as good as that of any other and even better, given its versatility and diversity. For those who need to play media files from all sorts of format and play them often, the player is a good choice.



  • good skins
  • completely free.
  • Image Quality


  • not easy to use.
  • The player has been reported to be virus prone.


Zooming - 9.6
Manual Subtitles Sync - 9
Time Stretch - 9