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jEdit is a well-known text editor used by Java developers for programming purpose. It contains intuitive user interface with all options placed properly on home screen. It was originally developed by Slava Pestov in 1998 but currently it is the property of jEdit Project. It is a free tool that can be quickly installed through setup file. It requires Java Runtime Environment as prerequisite which is also available freely. It is a cross platform tool available for almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and BSD. It is a trusted application that works on low resources and facilitates developers through multiple functions.

User interface:
jEdit has a compact interface, but the amount of features and options is almost unlimited. The Java language code appears with proper indentations to identify all objects separately. You can choose view of screen as per your requirements; Plain View displays only code while split mode divides the screen into separate sections for code and result. Other features including line numbers, page break markers, status bar, gutter and buffer switcher can be toggled to enable or disable associated toolbars.

Search Methods:
When writing long source code for a new program, there is often the need of finding particular lines or objects. This process is made quicker through search tools that let you locate all occurrences of required terms. It is also possible to replace wrong code with appropriate changes. You can enable options of whole word, regular expression and ignore case for getting most suitable outcomes using search tools. Hyper Search is another useful tool that enables you to remove nodes, toggle multiple results and adjust text styles for immediate editing.

A large number of utilities are also available for extending the functionalities of jEdit. The code files present in system memory can be searched via File System Browser. Favorites section holds bookmarked content and ensures that you are able to find important files with ease. It offers support for BeanShell scripting language and allows you to evaluate its complexity. Task monitor tracks ongoing activities and can act as scheduler for future tasks. Keyboard tester verifies performance of all keys, Memory Status tool displays free memory space and Action bar is for particular tasks.

Plugins and Macros:
Plugins help increase the capabilities of software, while macros automate activities through relevant source code. You can create macros in C and Java programming languages by recording them. A Plugin manager can be accessed from menu bar to install or update suitable plugins if you intend to develop applications for certain devices. A large variety of global options can also be found for customizing behavior of existing plugins.

jEdit is a beneficial tool through which you can write and compile code of Java language. Java is an object oriented programming language preferred by advanced programmers. It requires particular environment where code can be compiled and executed after programmers have written it. JRE is a basic requirement that helps in executing this code. It is a simple tool that can be easily used by Java developers.



  • tabs and syntax highlighting
  • JEdit offers syntax highlighting for several languages.


  • it's not suitable for those who don't want Java.


Text editors Software - 9.5
Office tools Software - 9