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jEdit 5.5 News

What’s new in jEdit Pre-release:

Bug fixes:

  • RegisterViewer editable contentPane fixed (Patch #598, Jesse Pavel)
  • Command line behavior for +line fixed (Patch #590 – Wim West)
  • Autosave Untitled Buffers is now persistent across sessions (Feature Request# 501, Patch #596 – Hrotk贸 G谩bor)
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the new jEdit printing system (Dale Anson)
  • Add missing local properties to Insert_Buffer_Properties macro (Patch #599 – Jesse Pavel)
  • Fixed an issue with the activity log viewer so that setting the number of lines in the log actually works. (Dale Anson)
  • Fix for bug #3971, exception trying to set WM_CLASS. (Dale Anson)
  • Fix for bug #4047, illegal reflective access operation with Java 10 (Dale Anson)
  • Fix Bug #4011, The Cut Lines macro gives exception if the cursor is beyond text area (Patch #600, Roman Tsourick)

UI Improvements:

  • Show tooltips in ShortcutOptionPane table (FR# 538, Roman Tsourick)
  • FSB: Disable first column dragging (Patch# 603, Roman Tsourick)
  • FSB: Sorting icon not following header when moving (Bug# 4049, Patch# 604, Roman Tsourick)


  • FR #506, FR #536: Autosaves are now saved to the Backup directory. Default Backup/Autosave Directory is now $JEDIT_SETTINGS/backups. (Alan Ezust, Hrotk贸 G谩bor)
  • FR #175: Saving and backup option, “Never Mark Untitled Buffers Dirty” changed name and behavior to “Close Dirty Untitled buffers without confirmation” (Alan Ezust)

API Changes:

  • Add Gherkin mode (english) to support Cucumber feature files (Matthieu Casanova)
  • Patch #593 – Various small patches to modes (AdamS)
  • Patch #592 – for groovy mode (Egor Abramovich)
  • Patch #595 – New Assembly-arm32 edit mode (M. Cesar R. Lacruz)
  • Updated java-module-info mode (Dale Anson)
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