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jEdit 5.5

jEdit is a well-known text editor used by Java developers for programming purpose. It contains intuitive user interface with all options placed properly on home screen. It was originally developed by Slava Pestov in 1998 but currently it is the property of jEdit Project. It is a free tool that can be quickly installed through setup file. It requires Java Runtime Environment as prerequisite which is also available freely. It is a cross platform tool available for almost all operating systems such as Windows, Linux and BSD. It is a trusted application that works on low resources and facilitates developers through multiple functions.

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jEdit is a beneficial tool through which you can write and compile code of Java language. Java is an object oriented programming language preferred by advanced programmers. It requires particular environment where code can be compiled and executed after programmers have written it. JRE is a basic requirement that helps in executing this code. It is a simple tool that can be easily used by Java developers.