Java Review




Java 2018 is one of the most common programming languages being used today for development of applications at various platforms. In order to facilitate the users, Sun Microsystems had launched Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which was overtaken by Oracle Corporation after a few years. It is a free tool that is compatible with Solaris, Linux, OS X and Windows Operating Systems. You can choose the language of this software from the available list of more than 30 different languages.

Purpose of Development:
Java language can be found everywhere. It is being used in mobile phone applications, in desktop computers, Blu-ray disks, set top boxes and now in new electronic system based cars too. Therefore it was necessary to have a platform where users can run all these applications. This software efficiently works on desktop computers and lets you enjoy online games, talk to people living in different regions of world, perform calculations to find mortgages, watch images in 3d and much more.

Installation Process:
Java Runtime Environment is a freeware. Download the free setup file from the link on current webpage. By executing the setup file, a setup wizard will start for helping you perform the installation process in an easy way. After you are satisfied and accept the license agreement, click Install button. The installation of Java installer will start. After it is completed in almost 15-20 minutes, different files required for it will be installed in a short time. After all the required files are downloaded, you will be able to use this tool.

Java JRE 2018 basically integrates with your browser to enhance the performance and give you a better online experience with HTML pages. It is used while running 3D online games and using some social networking sites. It is a significant factor in E-business as its applications are mostly based on Java language. It is also used in running various mobile applications, security systems in banks and a wide range of web based apps.

It is capable of running heavy applications quickly with best results. Its aim is to help the end users. It adds a plugin to your browsers and then runs all the applications in safe mode. It is an easy to install and use tool that gets automatic updates from developers for enhanced performance.

Java JRE is developed by Oracle Corporation and its current size is almost 50 MB. You need to have computer with Windows Vista, 2008, 7, 8 or 10 OS for using this environment. Your PC must have at least 128 MB of built-in RAM and 126 MB disk space free for both software as well as its updates. The minimum requirement for processor is Pentium 2 with 266 MHz processor. It can support Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Java software is developed for users who want to watch videos, play online games and wish to chat with their friends using chat engines. It is not designed for helping the programmers for coding in Java programming language; instead it is used when running the applications that are built with this language. Many online applications need this software to work properly. It is very useful software for improved online experience.



  • Freeware
  • Simplified syntax (compared to C++)
  • Language design not committee driven
  • Comprehensive documentation


  • Large memory footprint


Programming Software - 9.6
SDK/DDK Software - 9