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What’s new in Java JRE 10 Early Access:

  • broken links in the javax/xml/namespace package
  • javadoc @uses and @provides tags in the modules documentation appears before the first-sentence summary of the service type.
  • Container memory not properly recognized.
  • jshell tool: sync nomenclature from reference to online /help
  • doclint throws missing comment warnings on lines which can’t even have javadoc
  • Default Methods tab under Method Summary includes static methods
  • jaotc crashes with –debug flag
  • SHA-512 stub uses AVX 2 instructions on non-supporting CPUs
  • javadoc -encoding doesn’t work when using the old doclet API
  • Interface with defaults invalid compiler warning for Serializable
  • ProblemList update for bugid associated with, ConcurrentHashMapTest and
  • Problem list com/sun/jndi/ldap/
  • Conversion of comparison nodes affects local slots in optimistic continuation
  • crash with classes with same binary name
  • Update javax.lang.model.SourceVersion for “var” name
  • [Testbug] serviceability/sa/Jhsdb* tests can’t tolerate unrelated warnings
  • Quarantine test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/codegen/ until JDK-8193479 is fixed
  • Writing replay data crashes: task is NULL
  • redundant/obsolete overview.html pages
  • delta apply changesets for JDK-8192885 and JDK-8175883
  • [Graal] gc/g1/TestShrinkAuxiliaryData tests crash with “assert(check_klass_alignment(result)) failed: address not aligned”
  • PPC64 safepoint mechanism: Fix initialization on AIX and support SIGTRAP
  • Test failure with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: compiler.tiered.LevelTransitionTest
  • Add gc/stress/gclocker/ to the ProblemList file
  • G1 uses young free cset time when reporting non-young free cset times
  • Regression manual Test javax/swing/JFileChooser/6515169/ fails
  • remove interim code from
  • bogus RuntimeVisibleTypeAnnotations for unused local in a block

Java Early Access

Java platform helps users develop Java-based applications and deploy them in a cross-platform computing environment. James Gosling was the actual developer of this tool who worked at Sun Microsystems, but Oracle Corporation acquired it later. It was initially launched in 1998 and it offers support for 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating sy...[Read More]