JaSFtp 12.02 – Secure FTP Automation Review




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JaSFTP – Gain access to and handling files on remote file systems has been made more easy and secure by the introduction of FTP, JaSFTP the latest in the offering. JaSFTP is basically the computing network protocol that enables the secure way accessing the files and their management in the remote file systems. It allows transferring of the files, encrypts commands and data, and most importantly prevents the leakage or availability of passwords.

Key Features
SFTP is the advanced version which uses protocols different to the one employed by a conventional FTP. JaSFTP is supported no Windows, Mac and Linux OS. The complete file transfer process is automated thus it brings along the economy of time and effort both. It can transfer multiple files along with their subdirectories all at once. Scheduling of files between the computer and the server automatically coupled with the naming of the files being transferred as per the date and time of file transfer. The wildcards flexibility is a unique provision to transfer multiple files all at once without having to consider the difficulty of naming them before file transfer. Once the files transfer is done, the e-notification is unique in its own way. The software is a good scheduling tool but with a slightly complex interface which could have been formatted in a much better and logical manner. It’s the customized utility of enabling the user to download sports, weather and updated news and save them to locally created folder with days and date of downloads.




FTP Clients Software - 9
File Transfer Software - 9