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IObit Uninstaller is the fast and efficient software for removal of browser plugins and files that are of no use. It lets you uninstall computer software and searches and deletes all the extra files that were created by them. It is an easy tool for improving your system performance and speed.

Whoever said that the best things in life are free, probably might have been referring to the IObit uninstaller. It is a window based software uninstaller that performs beyond expectations. To get it you just have to download it for free from Soft For Download or their website iobit, follow the simple installation steps, and you are good to declutter your PC. The program once installed runs a scan and detects the unnecessary programs installed on your PC and gives you an option to delete them. The one thing that separates it from its other competitors is its ability to completely delete all the associated files. It is also able to delete programs in batch without requiring manual input. The IObit has a feature that detects in real time any malicious toolbars, adware or plugins installed on your browser and does its work of uninstalling them promptly. An interesting and unique feature about it is its ability to uninstall itself with the same effectiveness as it does on the other Programs.

Computer users often need to delete software from their systems that they no longer need. Following the standard method means that they would need to uninstall the software through Control Panel. But this method leaves certain files and folders in their system memory. They must delete these folders, files or shortcut icons manually by visiting system drive and checking all the locations if any folder was created and then delete those. To help users with this issue, IObit Uninstaller was developed.

IObit Uninstaller is the software offered by IObit Information Technology Inc. It helps you delete all the unrequired software from your system along with all the additionally created files. It helps you increase the speed and performance of your system by deleting all the excess files. The working speed of the software is very fast and its personal size is small too. It has standard and advanced uninstall tools integrated for effective performance during file removal.

There are few categories listed in the menu bar at the left side of IObit Uninstaller that let you perform various operations.

All Programs:
In This category shows sub categories of All Programs, Recently Stored, Large Programs and Infrequently used software list. You can check the list of programs under each category and can delete the ones that you do not need anymore. After the software is deleted it will ask you whether you want to perform scan on your system for searching other created files. Scan will find all the file links and names and you can delete them for freeing memory space.

Toolbars and Plug-ins:
This category will display all the plug-ins and toolbars that you have been using with different browsers. It displays all the plugins with their details. You can check the list and delete the ones that were downloaded accidentally or they are not required. You can distrust any of them that are not safe under every circumstance. It lets you keep check on all the functions and downloads they perform.

Win Manager:
Win Manager category shows all the Processes, Windows startup programs and Windows updates downloaded. You can disable any of those programs that start automatically when your system is turned on, for enabling your PC to start in a shorter amount of time. You can see all the currently running processes and can end those that you are not using currently for decreasing memory usage.

Here you can use Cleanup Residual, Uninstall History, File Shredder and Windows tools for specific purposes. The tools can detect invalid shortcut icons and Windows patch cache and can remove useless ones. You can also check the history that which software and tools were uninstalled with the help of this application. You can recover the files that were deleted unintentionally and can access the default Windows tools and services.



  • Easy to use
  • 1-Click Removal
  • No More Leftovers with “Powerful Scan”
  • Remove Unwanted Programs and Folders


  • None


"Uninstaller Software" - 9
Remover Software - 9.5