IObit Malware Fighter Review

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IObit Malware Fighter remains a powerfil anti-malware software. It is decent and sharp on performance. In the free edition, the software comes with a bloatware toolbar that users may mistakenly install by pressing the wrong button. During the installation of the application, it is important to be careful. This is because the Install and Accept buttons are positioned that can make anyone commit an error. To complete the installation, users should follow the right step to get the software installed perfectly. If you are confused about the section of the installation process, then click on in the skip button and proceed. The malware heuristics engine will have to be updated after the application is operating. At this juncture, it is a good idea to perform a quick on your computer hard drive. Installing the application to your PC can be between one and thirty minutes. The installation of the program is dependent on the files you want to scan.

IObit is a reputable company, which has been manufacturing different virtual products. Its anti-malware product has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Users of IObit Malware Fighter have described it to be an active and effective antivirus program. It helps in protecting your system from external and internal threats. Through different lab tests, IObit Malware Fighter has proved itself as one of the most effective and reliable antivirus software.

While, you are installing this product be very careful. Read the guidelines and choose the options wisely or, you will install the bloatware toolbar. There is nothing harmful in it, but I am sure that you won’t need it. As there are many other toolbars, way better than this one. Developers have placed the buttons in a tactical manner and some users accidentally install the tool while clicking ‘accept and install’. After installing IObit Malware Fighter, you will need to update the virus definitions. Later, you can proceed with the first even smart scan of your system. The smart scan will not take much time. On most of the PCs, normal scanning takes 15 to 30 minutes only or even less. It actually depends on the number of files that are being scanned. Heavy files will take a lot of time.

It was observed that the system would get slow, on certain times, during scanning. Apart from the normal scanning, you can make use of the IObit Malware Fighter’s sever farm to check the suspicious folder or file. Just select the file and upload it separately on the server in order to get it checked. The results displayed will give you a detail of the file properties, threats (if present any) and the time required to scan the file. It is a great feature to make use to get rid of the threats immediately. There is another feature labeled ‘performance’ that you will find in the IObit Malware Fighter. When you open it, you won’t find anything much impressive or useful. There you will find authentic links for downloading different IObit products. I would recommend downloading and using the Smart Defrag and Start Menu 8. I would recommend the manufactures to label this section as, ‘extras’. These links are actually not a part of the IObit Malware Fighter regime. These are links to additional software of the same company.

IObit Malware Fighter has an attractive interface and many useful tools. It can be termed, as decent antivirus software that can help in defending your system from serious threats and scrub any sort of spyware or malware. This software has been tested in several independent labs in order to judge its performance and reliability. For complete virus protection, you will need to purchase the Pro version, which is not much expensive. By no means, I mean that the scanning quality of the free version is poor. With the paid version, you get the chance of having a sophisticated defense system. For personal use the normal or free version of IObit Malware Fighter will do the job.



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Scanning - 9.6
Installation - 9