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IcoFX is an application that assists graphic designers in designing icons, images and cursors. It is a licensed tool that can be used for free during trial period without any registration. Its various tools help in editing existing icons and managing them for different platforms. It was released in 2015 for Windows operating system and is written in Delphi programing language. Its developer is Attila Kovrig who has integrated features of his another application, AniFX, in this software. It is an efficient application that can be used easily by both professionals and novice users, owing to its simple interface.

Creating Project:
IcoFX draws icons, images and cursors in a project. For creating image, you must specify its color and size. You can choose Standard size or define custom size. Background color can be kept as Transparent, White, current Foreground color or Custom. Before starting an Icon project, similar options are to be chosen for both Windows and Mac Icons. Size depends on the medium for which it will be used while Color scheme should be appropriate too. Cursor project lets you choose type of cursor from Static or Animated ones, color theme and required size.

IcoFX Tools:
A toolbar is pinned to the screen by fault and contains various tools. Rectangular Selection, Elliptical Selection and Lasso Selection tools let you choose any area on the screen. Move tool can move any figure to change its location, while Crop tool cuts out portion of sheet. Magic Wand tool makes selection on the basis of color, Color Picker identifies any color, Ruler draws straight lines, Zoom tool provides focus and Hand tool is also for adjusting focus. Pencil or Brush tools are for drawing, Text tool is for writing, Curve or Line tools draw figures, Fill tool is for coloring and Shape tool can draw rectangle, ellipse or custom shape. Other functions include Erase, Blur, Brighten, Rotate, Flip and Mask mode.

Effects and Adjustments:
Along with drawing graphics, you can also edit them and apply effects to get final product. You can choose color scheme, emboss items, blur or sharpen things, manage edges and add noise. Other effects include glow, waggle, pattern, paint dark, paint bright, shake, shake less, pale, scene and drop shadow. Many adjustments can be implemented to make the product suitable for official use. You can adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color balance, levels, opacity, shadow, canvas size and many more options.

IcoFX lets you save drawings as image, Windows cursor, Macintosh cursor, animated cursor or with extensions of BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, XPM and TIFF. Tools prove to be great help in making or editing high quality images, icons or cursors. Due to Batch processing feature, it is possible to work on multiple files at a time.

IcoFX is a user friendly application that is preferred by experienced users to prepare attractive images, icons and cursors. A large variety of tools help with creating and editing items, whereas filters make them look professional. It is available for Windows users and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 editions.



  • Create icons and cursors
  • Image objects
  • Import, export and extract.


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Icon Editor Software - 9.9
Graphic Editors Software - 9.6