IcoFX 3.2

2018 - Icon Editor
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IcoFX 3.2

IcoFX is an application that assists graphic designers in designing icons, images and cursors. It is a licensed tool that can be used for free during trial period without any registration. Its various tools help in editing existing icons and managing them for different platforms. It was released in 2015 for Windows operating system and is written in Delphi programing language. Its developer is Attila Kovrig who has integrated features of his another application, AniFX, in this software. It is an efficient application that can be used easily by both professionals and novice users, owing to its simple interface.

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Are you aspiring to be a professional in creating icons from an image editor? The truth is that you will require a sophisticated icon designing application to produce more professional icons. This is where IcoFX comes into play. This elegant software is the tool you need to create professional image icons for both Mac and Windows. The software remains a first-class application that gives you the opportunity og designing innovative and new icons. Buyers can have access to the application through a business licence for their company. The home license option works for personal use and non-commercial purposes. With this classic application, there is every possibility to important imaginative icond from .DLL documents. It is also possible for users to design new icons from the very scratch when using the application. This is because the software has an intuitive interface that helps you achive the goal of creating new icons.