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ibVPN 2018
ibVPN 2018

ibVPN is a reliable VPN and DNS service through which you can successfully improve your online experience. It enables you to stay invisible when surfing websites and makes sure that no unauthorized client gets to know about your actual location or browsing history. It is a licensed product whose trial version can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices or can be integrated with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It offers more than a hundred servers from different countries due to which users can switch to alternate locations and unblock content which is unavailable in their area.

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ibVPN is a cross platform application providing VPN, DNS and Proxy servers from multiple countries. It is an accepted method of staying secure and protecting data when connected to internet. Its browser extensions and add-ons are also available that can be installed to improve online experience. Overall it is a user friendly tool that helps you hide your IP address and hence keeps you safe from spying.