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HyperCam is a computer application that was developed for facilitating the users with capturing of video of screen and embed sounds with it. It is the product of Hyperionics and Solveig Multimedia and is mostly used for making demos, training videos, tutorials and presentations. It is the free software that efficiently works by capturing long videos without any errors. It also occupies low memory space and requires quite a few resources, hence it does not have any negative impact on the working of PC. It is an advanced tool, so beginners may face certain issues when using it for the very first time.

HyperCam is a powerful screencasting software created by Hyperionics & Solveig Multimedia. It captures the screenshots from Windows page and saves them to Windows Media Video (WMV), Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) or Advanced Systems Format (ASF) movie file. It can be used primarily for creating presentations, demonstrations, tutorials and software walkthroughs. On starting Hypercam, the Options tab can be used for configuring settings for video, audio & interface, the video tab is used for selecting bitrate and video compressor such as WM Video9 Encoder or MS Screen 9 Encoder DMO, the audio tab is used for audio bitrate selection and WM Audio Encoder DMO for compression setting, device interface is used for choosing devices for recording files. The main features of HyperCam are: it saves the captured screens to AVI, WMF, MVI or ASF files, encode the audio and video with codecs, edit the saved files through in-built Media Editor that uses trim and join frame accuracy feature, mix the recorded system and microphone audio for internet call recording, allows access to storage devices such as USB sticks, and support for multiple languages that includes English, German, Italian, Russian and Portugese.

Screen Capture:
HyperCam allows you to capture screen video in three modes; Region, Fullscreen and Window. Region Mode allows you to select any particular area of screen by entering custom position. Fullscreen mode records whole screen, while Window Mode is suitable for selection of window of another application. The recorded video is stored as an AVI file by default, but you can select from WMV and ASF extensions as well. You can view previously recorded files via Recent Records option. It is also possible to add any Screen Notes with these videos.

Voice Recording:
While recording the screenplay with HyperCam, you can either record the sound of computer or from an external microphone. This feature is especially useful for creating presentations as you can explain the written content in your own voice. It can also capture the system music and voices when you are recording the tutorials for games and audio or video calls. It is due to these qualities, that this computer application has gained the trust of customers and is considered to be one of the best video recording tools.

Other Options:
You can easily adjust the settings for each of the functionalities for improved performance. In video settings, you can enable or disable video recording, choose video compressor, configure properties, select output format, enter rate in frames per second and can browse folders for saving recordings. Through Audio settings, audio recording can be enabled or disabled, audio device can be chosen, audio compressor and output format can be selected and Audio time shift can be adjusted in milliseconds.

Extra options of HyperCam allow you to turn on or off the capturing of layered windows and mouse cursor, include volume of mouse click, add starburst on click with custom size and color and write logs about related activities. You can customize the layout with Interface Options where you can adjust keyboard shortcut keys and select its language.

HyperCam is a great tool for capturing screen video and audio. You can choose the area to record with its available buttons and select the medium for audio recording. It depends on you whether you want to record internal sounds, Stereo Mixer music or your own voice via a clear microphone. It is a licensed product that you need to buy after getting registered. However, its free trial is valid for duration of 21 days. Its latest version also allows you to edit captured videos.



  • Uses very small amount of CPU


  • Screenshot tool is very limited in features


Video Recording Software - 9.9
Screen capture Software - 9