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Hotspot Shield is a well-known VPN service through which internet connection can be secured against potential threats. It was developed by AnchorFree Inc. in 2005 and is now available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. It is a free tool that supports ads. In order to go ad-free, you must purchase elite version. It lets you open content that is hidden from you and cannot be accessed without any suitable VPN. It is a secure application through which you can acquire a new IP address from any country so that safe internet browsing can be made possible.

Hotspot Shield is a virtual private Network (VPN.) It is ranked among the best because it gives users a wide variety of options to choose from. When you sign up and download the software, you get a chance to choose between a free version, and a premium one. The difference is that the premium version allows you to choose from a variety of locations while the free one is limited. In addition to that, the premium version does not contain ads. When using Hotspot Shield, you will have to download the executable file, and run it on your computer. This will allow you to choose a country where you want your data to be channeled through. For example, if you live outside the United States, but you want to access sites that are only open to this region, you can channel your browsing through the appropriate location, and you will not have any barriers.

Virtual Locations:
Hotspot Shield provides support for various servers found in multiple countries. United States, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mexico, India and many other countries are included in the list. In order to unlock content from specific places, you can choose suitable country and establish the connection quickly. Once the process is successfully completed, you can browse internet without any limitations and access content that was blocked earlier. It also provides security during internet surfing. However, this service is available only for Elite members and can be turned on after buying product license.

Network Security:
The security of network is an important factor that helps you improve online experience. The networks used at home, office and other known places are trusted and do not let unauthorized users get connected to them without prior permission. On the other hand, public networks used at cafes, restaurants and other public places are not secure and should not be used for sharing sensitive information. You can use this service for both safe and unsafe Wi-Fi Hotspots. Through Settings menu, you can allow VPN service to get enabled automatically as soon as you get connected to any type of Wi-Fi.

Identity Protection:
Hotspot Shield facilitates you by protection of your identity and personal information on internet. It is beneficial when you want to access websites that need username and password for authentication. Online transactions, shopping payments and other similar tasks need preventive methods to avoid identity theft. It encrypts your personal information and Emails to keep them safe from hackers. Furthermore, it is also effective against webpages that attempt to track your identity for marketing campaigns.

Malware Protection:
Another method of keeping your system secure from different kinds of online threats is to ensure no malware can attack and inflict harm. It contains well-established database of potentially risky websites and warns you whenever you try to access any of these. It keeps you safe from phishing, spam, virus, spyware and other malware threats. The service is turned on when you start the application. It automatically connects your system to US servers for protecting your identity.

Hotspot Shield is an intelligent solution that can run on PCs, tablets and mobile phones. It prevents IP leak, hides IP address from intruders, encrypts shared messages and lets you browse websites without sharing your personal information. It is a reliable application that contains various advance functions in a user friendly GUI.



  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Five devices supported as standard
  • Doesn't kill your broadband speed


  • Not the best choice for whistleblowers


VPN connection Software - 9
Security Related - 9