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Google Earth
Google Earth

Google Earth presents an earth model with the help of satellite imagery and world maps. You can view the map of the entire world as well as zoom in on particular areas. It possesses a simple and attractive GUI. Therefore, anyone can use it regardless of their expertise level. It’s a free application available for XP and later versions of Windows operating system. It’s a small-sized tool, which is why you need not worry about limited memory space on your PC. This app requires very few resources to operate and doesn’t negatively affect the performance of your computer.

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Aside from the images of earth, it also assists you in exploring other heavenly bodies. As for now, it contains imagery from Mars, moon, and sky. But it’s expected that the software will also help you view the images of other astronomical objects down the line.

In a nutshell, Google Earth is a useful application. It provides you with a virtual tour of any place from the comfort of your home.