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Google Drive is a cloud based storage service that enables you to securely store large amount of data files. It helps you create online backup of important data to avoid losing it. Moreover, if your PC does not have large enough memory capacity, then this application can help you save system memory. It is a free service launched in 2012, but you must log in to your registered Gmail account to benefit from its features. It comes with synchronization facility due to which it is possible to access files on multiple devices. It is available in both online and offline forms providing 15 GB of storage space to users.

Google Drive is available for different platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, thus you can access it from computer, mobile phone, tablet or browser. Once you have logged in by entering your credentials, it will automatically synchronize data across all devices and will let you open or download saved content. Free users have limit of 15 GB, but this limit can be extended by purchasing paid versions. It is useful for storing those data files that are large in size and required to be accessed often. Through this application, the files are available on fingertips and can be opened anywhere.

Easy Sharing:
It is a suitable choice for storing the content that needs to be shared with other people. You can easily share videos, audios, text documents and pictures. It saves you from the efforts of attaching files with Emails. Instead you can share the links with them after modifying visibility. You can allow every user, having link of file, to view and download your shared content. However, for privacy purposes, this setting can be changed. Moreover, if many users have worked on different versions of same file, then you can make all of them the contributor and allow them to apply latest modifications.

Supported Files:
Google Drive offers support for many different types of files. It lets you upload files having extensions of JPEG, PNG, MOV, WMV, MP3, OGG, TXT, HTML, PHP, DOCX, XLSX, PDF, PSD, PS, MTS, TTF, AI and many more. Apart from these files, you can also upload documents in native formats including Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides and Drawings. There are certain size limits that are applicable depending on the format of file or folder.

Google Drive Features:
The software enables you to specify your preferred functions using the section of Preferences. For sync feature, you can either sync everything to your PC or only selected folders. Account tab lets you disconnect current Gmail account and upgrade storage to higher plans. With Advanced tab, you can adjust multiple settings for proxy server, bandwidth and system.

Google Drive is a free file hosting cloud service that can be installed on your PC for quick access to content. It lets you create backup of important data and hence enables you to easily retrieve it in case of accidental removal. It is a light weight application that runs in background and can be opened through system tray.



  • Folder Collaboration
  • Save to popular file formats
  • 15 GB of free storage
  • Share files and folders with others


  • You can not sync folders outside the Google Drive directory
  • Converted files have a size limit


File Sharing Software - 9.9
Backup and Sync Software - 9.6