Game Extractor 3.05

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Game Extractor 3.05
Game Extractor 3.05

Game Extractor is an extraction tool through which you can access gaming files compressed in archives. Majority of gaming files are compressed in order to keep them safe from malware and to shrink their size. With the help of this tool, you can easily access such files and convert them in executable form. It can also detect different types of files and compile them accordingly. It possesses compatibility with all popular video games and lets you enable additional compatibility through plugins. It is a free project hosted on SourceForge.

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Game Extractor is an efficient tool meeting requirements of users to extract files from old gaming packages. It also acts as a learning platform where developers can create mods. It is an advanced tool appropriate for performing thorough operations. It lets you understand the structure of games and enhance their working. It is a cross platform tool capable of running smoothly on almost all operating systems.