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G-Lock EasyMail
G-Lock EasyMail

G-Lock EasyMail is an efficient tool that allows you to send Emails in bulk amount. This is highly useful in marketing and advertising where you have to propagate the description and pamphlets of your business or services to various clients. The presence of a long list of customized templates makes it possible to share Emails in a suitable manner. The software comes in different versions for server and client. It is a licensed product and you need to get registered first in order to evaluate its free trial. Once the free personal key is received on entered Email address, you can use its trial.

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To be precise, G-Lock EasyMail is an appreciated client for sending huge amount of Emails. When promoting your business, you can use this secure channel for sharing business details with lots of people. Its exciting user interface enables users to customize the Email structure for attracting more attention.