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foobar2000 1.4.1
foobar2000 1.4.1

Foobar2000 2018 is a free audio player that is designed for Windows Operating System. It developer, Piotr Palowski, is a talented person who had launched the software in 2002 with its simple design. Its features and layouts are completely customizable and the user can replace it or transform it into the form which he is more comfortable with. It is a high speed tool and is capable of running various formats of audio files. It arranges the files in your desired pattern and lets you access and run all the files without chaos.

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Are you an audio player enthusiast and trying to find out its flexibility? Foobar2000 will help you gain some amazing skills to get quick results with audio player exploration. Even in digital lives, the software is able to help you achieve a lot. The software comes with an amazing assistance for online tagger, archive reader, ReplayGain scanner, audio CDs, equalizer DPS, standard DSPs, album lists, file operations and converter. To make the application run faster than anticipated, you can simply remove any of the above features. By default, the system operates with a monichromical and minimalistic approach. The main layout can be customized from the point of inception. This can include playlist, colors, tabs, slim view, properties and album lists layout. To access to several UI items, you can make use of the upgraded editing layout mode.It can help you test out a plethora of the mixture of UI items from the view available options.