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FileZilla 20198 is a cross platform FTP application consisting of client and server. The FileZilla clients are available for various platforms such as Windows, MacOS and Linux supporting FTP, FTPS and SFTP security systems whereas the FileZilla server is only available for Windows. The software provides file transfer or file sharing through internet by various security protocols such as FTPS, SFTP and FTP protocol systems, this way the files transferred are assured to be more secure and reaches the client on time from the server. FileZilla supports the latest version of internet protocol which is IPv6 and is available in over 47 languages like English, French, Chinese, German, Dutch, Czech, Japanese and other popular languages around the world. One of the key features provided by the software is that it can pause and resume a file transfer making the server side users to stop sending a file incase of any emergency. It also allows file sharing and editing through remotely, where users can edit and send their files from another devices.

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FileZilla FTP Client is a free and reliable file management application that lets you send and receive files quite easily. Though it lacks at some points in terms of security, but it is a fast method for sharing data files and folders with your friends.