Far Manager 3.0 Build 5151

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Far Manager 3.0 Build 5151

Far Manager is a useful file management application that is capable of handling all types of data files and folders. The product was offered by Far Group in 2000 and has been successfully meeting user expectations since then. The software was specifically developed for Windows operating system and coded with C++ language. Being a multilingual tool, it can be used in English, Russian, Spanish, German or other languages. It is a compact tool that enables you to view and manage all stored files. It possesses a Command Line Interface, so the operations can be performed by accurately entering desired commands.

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Far Manager is a file managing tool that effectively maintains the content of system hard disk. It is preferred for experienced users as they have clear idea of using commands and can perform advanced tasks for manipulation of files. Its customization feature is very attractive as it allows users to modify every aspect of its working as well as its appearance.