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Social networking sites, especially Facebook, have become integral part of our lives. Facebook enables users to easily find their friends and family and contact them in multiple ways. Due to its various features and easy to use functionalities, it has billions of users worldwide. You can add people to Friends list for chatting, making voice calls and sharing media with them. Messenger used to be a built-in feature of Facebook that allows users to send private messages, emoticons and documents to selected users. It is now available as a standalone app too and you can use Facebook Messenger for Desktop on PCs.

Easy Communication:
Facebook Messenger for Desktop makes your chat with friends more fascinating. Not only you can send written text, but can also add various emoticons, images, files, stickers and GIF for fun. Voice notes can be recorded and forwarded to users. With the help of webcam, you can capture pictures or make video calls for face to face talk. Efficient techniques are used for enabling high quality Voice and video calls. With its latest version, you can set nicknames for your friends, choose Emojis, mute notifications and can specify theme colors for every chat individually.

Privacy and Security:
Facebook Messenger for Desktop ensures your chats are kept private. Messages are encrypted and sent via secure protocols in order to save them from hacker attacks. You can manage chats to clear selected messages or complete chats. This deletion is very helpful in hiding certain messages. Search can be carried out within a chat to find required words and remove them. It also helps you block scammers and maintain privacy. You can archive chats to hide them. Moreover, messages sent by unknown people are stored in a separate section and can be accesses only with Message Request option.

Group Chats:
You can chat with multiple friends at a time by creating groups. Every member is allowed to add new people to group. The messages sent in a group are propagated to every member, hence you do not need to send same message to every user separately. The title bar displays the names of all members but you can specify unique name for the chat. It is a great method of sharing ideas with a group having similar interests. However if you are not interested anymore, you can leave the group anytime you wish.

Major Features:
Facebook Messenger for Desktop is an application that provides access to Facebook messages in a user friendly interface and eliminates the need of browser for this purpose. You can view the list of friends with whom you have interacted at least once and can chat with them. However for making audio and video calls, the software will direct you to browser. You can also view when the person was last online and whether the sent messages are seen by him or not.

Facebook Messenger for Desktop is a multilingual tool that makes it easier to send messages to friends without relying on heavy web browsers. It is a light weight client that can be used by logging in to your Facebook account.



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