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EZ CD Audio Converter
EZ CD Audio Converter

EZ CD Audio Converter 2019 is one of the fastest software in the field of file format conversion and disk burning. It is paid software for which you get free updates forever. Its most significant feature is that the validity of a single license never expires. Moreover you can use it on all the systems of your home. It is a complete package of very helpful tools for the users.

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EZ CD is an Audio Converter that you can use to burn, edit or rip audio CDs. The converter can also be used to convert as well as encode digital files into various formats e.g. MP3, MP4, MOV, AAC etc. and editing meta-data of different audio files. The main features of EZ CD Audio Converter include : burning of custom –audio CDs, compressing of audio files in order to save your hard- drive’s space, converting audio- files into formats that are compatible with your mobile phone and other portable devices, it burns different audio files into audio- CDs and it also manages the meta-data of your audio –files. Furthermore, EZ CD has a feature that allows you to convert audio- files that you can use as your phone’s ringtone. EZ CD is a speedy audio converter that works very fast to produce high-quality audio-files. It has a streamlined user interface which allows you to search and edit your existing audio- files.