EmEditor Professional 18.2.0 Review

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EmEditor Professional is a useful application designed for programmers. It allows you to generate code in multiple languages through suitable interface. It is a licensed tool that can be easily obtained for Windows PCs. It is a commercial text editor released by Emurasoft, Inc. It is a comprehensive application that offers a wide range of features to its users. Despite its complex features, it consumes low system resources and ensures that your system retains high performance.

User Interface:
The software possesses a comprehensive interface where you can easily choose a programming language of your choice. It contains multiple toolbars through which you can access required functions. Once you choose the language, it will open the template through which you can code conveniently. You can work on multiple projects and save them in required format. The text editor is still under incremental development to add support for more languages and functionalities.

Supported Languages:
EmEditor Professional is a modern tool that offers support for a variety of programming and scripting languages. Make sure that Java Runtime Environment is already installed to execute its IDE. You can code in C#, C++, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Pascal, Python, PHP, VBScript, Ruby, Perl and various other languages. It provides Unicode support and compiles and run the programs at a significantly fast speed. You can print your program code by adjusting printer settings.

The application facilitates you to record macros in an efficient manner. A macro is a set of instructions that automates the task and provides a specified template to code with ease. It allows users to perform repetitive tasks without the need of writing same instructions time and again. You can specify keyboard shortcuts to avoid writing long instructions. It supports auto-completion of code and enables you to load plugins, specify shortcuts and perform similar tasks from within the software interface.

Additional Tools:
EmEditor Professional contains a variety of additional tools that enhance its capabilities. You can configure properties of files, mouse scroll, backup, wraps, auto save mode, print, links, spelling errors and other settings as per your preference. You can customize menu bar, markers and toolbars to activate required functions. You can manage properties of all configurations for efficient compiling of code. You can enable plugins to increase software scope. Moreover, you can import and export your settings.

More Features:
It is a professional application through which you can easily code in different computer languages. It is capable of supporting large files without lagging. It is an extremely fast application that runs on relatively low amount of system resources. You can increase its functionalities by configuration of plugins. It provides various encoding techniques and enables conversion from one encoding type to another.

Basically EmEditor Professional is a text editor, but it includes additional support for a wide range of computer languages to facilitate programmers. It is a user friendly tool available for both 32-bit and 64-bit structures of Windows operating system. It contains a wide range of functions through which you can perform advanced tasks.



  • Large File Support up to 248 GB
  • Multiple Selection Editing
  • Compare Documents
  • Workspace Memory


  • None


Text editors Software - 9
Macro object Software - 9