Diskeeper Professional 20.0.1296.0

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Diskeeper Professional 20.0.1296.0

Diskeeper Professional is a hard disk management and optimization software application. It enables you to prevent memory defragmentation on your PC and also helps to maintain system performance at an optimal level.

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Diskeeper Professional comes with a toolkit of powerful and proactive technologies that support its functionality, for example, IntelliWrite – optimization technology that prevents files from being broken and fractured. IntelliMemory – optimization tech which caches Active Data from read requests, using an Idle Server Memory. InvisiTasking – intelligent monitoring tech that allows all background operations inside the system to run with almost zero resource impact on the current activities.

Diskeeper is also a Benefit Reporting Dashboard that displays the actual Time Saved Benefit on every system. Plus, Performance monitoring that reveals key performance metrics like IOPS, and many other powerful features. Additionally, the program is highly efficient and has a highly intuitive interface. Diskeeper Professional offers a trial license and it is compatible with all Windows computers.