DC++ 0.868 Stable

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DC++ 0.868 Stable
DC++ 0.868 Stable

The Direct Connect network or DC++ is a decentralized file sharing network, it's made up of hubs that allow other users to share various files with each other. DC++ is an ad-free client for the Direct Connect network and allows you to join multiple hubs at once as well as enabling you to share larger files.

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DC++ also promises it has zero spyware or other software bundled in upon installation but if you’re wary of that promise it is open source and its code is freely available for inspection. In that same vein, it’s a very customizable piece of software with many choices for how you want your chat, private messages, logging options uploads, and downloads to be set up; DC++ also supports plugins.

DC++ also has multiple ease of life features such as a list of bookmarked favorite users or hubs, automatic connectivity setup, bandwidth limiting capabilities and a search function that spans all connected hubs.