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Cyberfox is an open source web browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It was designed to be fast, reliable, and stable. It comes with many customization options enabling you to personalize your internet browsing experience. The program is stocked with a rich array of features that support its robust functionality including support for Mozilla Firefox extensions, and style options such as classic and Australia. Plus, despite being powered by firefox code, Cyberfox uses of its own profile system.

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Cyberfox is very similar to Mozilla Firefox, however, it lacks some features present in Firefox, for example, it does not include health reports, telemetry, sponsored titles, among others. It is also very user-friendly – comes with a highly intuitive user face and it is easy to use.

Cyberfox is free to download and it is compatible with Windows 7 or later computers. It was designed specifically for the 64-bit operating system but there is also a 32-bit version.