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Connectify is a software application which enables you to turn your PC into a virtual router. It is pretty easy to operate, all you need is a name and a password for your WIFI hotspot and you are ready to go. It allows you to share your internet and connect all your devices. You even have the option of protecting your online privacy by sharing a VPN via WIFI.

Connectify makes internet traffic look as if it is all coming from your PC even if it is coming from other connected devices like another computer, a gaming console, smartphone or smart TV. This allows you to connect all your devices without worrying about any internet access restrictions. Plus, the hotspot is secured with a WPA2-PSK Encryption for a safe and secure WIFI sharing experience.

Additionally, Connectify comes with an ad blocker and can block in-app ads in your connected iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with Windows 7 and later operating systems.