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Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a software application for desktop computers that can be used to quickly upload your important files to a safe online experience. You can access your data at any time, while being sure not to be infected by virus. Do you want to quickly copy some files from your online storage space? Just drag it to your computer or any other device and you are done. The “zone” to drop your files appears each time that you begin to drag any file and can even accept fragments of text, links, and bookmarks.

• Know the software
It is possible to set various parameters to drop the file, and this feature of Comodo Cloud is small but attractive and efficient. With Comodo Cloud, you can save your files very simple and fast. To use the service you have to open a Comfortable Cloud profile and log in using your credentials.

• How it works?
Comodo Cloud offers a very simple file management system due to the flexible interface. In addition to this, the cloud storage service has several other features, where the user just has to drag and drop (to and from) their files to desired locations, for example, “my documents”, “pictures”, “music” and “video”.

In addition to 5 GB of free online storage, Comodo Cloud allows you to encrypt the data that is stored on the platform, in order to ensure greater safety of the account owners. The great thing about this service for cloud storage is that you can manage the software from your desktop computer or from any other location with or without internet connection.

• Conclusion
Upload and store files online is now easy with Comodo Cloud, because user can upload and download file using the easy drag-and-drop feature.



  • Real-time Protection
  • Auto Sandbox
  • 5 GB of free online storage


  • None


antivirus Software - 9.5
malware protection Software - 9