BSPlayer Review




BSPlayer is the product of AB Team and is being widely used for enjoying audio and video on both Windows operating system as well as Android devices. It can open every format of audio and video multimedia files and downloads codecs at the time of installation for this purpose. You can download new codecs in case of any issues. Its user interface is very simple that enables beginners to use it easily without much hassle. Moreover, you can customize its layout to make it more attractive as per your choice. Its Pro version is a licensed product; however, no charges are applied for Free version.

Audio and Video Player:

BSPlayer is a useful video player that provides compatibility for every video file extension including MP4, AVI, MKV, QuickTime, WMV and many more. It can automatically download suitable subtitle files and allows you to manually add them if there is any suitable file in system memory. You can enjoy videos in Full Screen Mode and can adjust the aspect ratio of movies or videos. Despite its simplicity, sometimes it can get hard to manage as the controller gets hidden once you have clicked on the video screen and you have to move the video screen for making it visible again.

When playing songs on the media player, you can store those in the library and can create playlists to access them quickly. Then you can enable repetition for every song or just the current one. Shuffling the playlist plays random songs from the list. Furthermore, you can increase or decrease the speed of playback sounds by 10%. It supports various audio formats, so you need not to think about your music selection.

DVD Compatibility:

BSPlayer gives you the facility to run video and audio directly from your DVD or CD. You can play DVD from start, move to Title Menu or make selection on the basis of Subtitle, Chapter and Audio Menus. You can also capture screenshots from videos and can save them as image files.

TV and Radio Streaming:

With BSPlayer, you can watch and listen to the streaming of a number of channels from both TV and Radio stations. You can tune in to already available channels from the maintained list or can add a URL on your own where you can enjoy the broadcast. You can also create podcast list and can add files and folders to open. The Search option helps you find any content with much ease and the Volume of the player can be adjusted too.


BSPlayer provides you with all the amazing enjoyment methods at a single place. You can open all formats of audio and video files, enjoy streaming of radio and TV channels, play CDs or DVDs and can open image files. Not only you can manage it with mouse, but can also use keyboard shortcut keys for making your work easy. Its multilingual interface support makes it a great choice for people who are more comfortable with any language other than English.



  • Sound Equalizer
  • Bookmarks support (add, edit)
  • Chapters support (create, move to, skip)
  • Multiple audio stream switching


  • None


MultiMedia Players Software - 9.9
Play streaming - 9