Blender 2.79b

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Blender 2.79b
Blender 2.79b

Blender is an open source 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and video editing software application. It comes with a built-in powerful render engine called Cycles which supports stunning ultra-realistic rendering including GPU and CPU rendering, VR rendering, real-time viewport preview, HDR lighting, and PBR shaders.

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Blender offers a range of comprehensive modeling tools such as python scripting for add-ons and custom tools, dynamic subdivision and multi-resolution, advanced brushes and sculpting tools, 3D painting with masking and textured brushes, full Nixon support, inset, edge slide, bridge and grid fill, among others. It also offers tracking tools which support real-time preview of your 3D scenes or tracked footage. Tracking can be done manually or automatically and there is also support for tripod solvers and planar tracking.

Using Blender, you can create everything from short films to PC and mobile games. Blender is a completely free program and it is compatible with all Windows computers.