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Avira System Speedup
Avira System Speedup

Avira System Speedup is a PC maintenance and optimizing software application. It is designed to help your PC run smoother and faster. The program can delete junk files, broken registries, and traces of your online activity. It analyzes how fast your PC starts and operates and shows you ways you can make it faster.

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Key features include; disables unnecessary startup applications, protects confidential data, optimizes your battery scheme to prolong your PCs battery life, can password protect and encrypt your sensitive files, comes with a file shredder so that deleted files stay erased and unrecoverable, and can detect and uninstall unnecessary programs.

Avira System Speedup also an option to automate cleaning. For example, you can set a junk file limit of 3GB so that every time junk files accumulate to that limit, they are cleaned automatically. Plus, it includes a process management tool which allows you to see all the running processes such that you can shut down the unnecessary ones.

Avira Speedup is free with an option to upgrade to a pro version. It is compatible with all Windows computers and there are variants of the program for Mac and Android devices.