AVG Anti-Virus Definitions

May 13, 2018
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AVG Anti-Virus Definitions
AVG Anti-Virus Definitions

AVG Anti-Virus Definitions basically protects your PC from known and recent viruses. It is important you keep your antivirus program updated if you want to continue being virus free. AVG antivirus definitions is an anti-virus installer that deploys an updated package of virus definitions which can be loaded into your AVG antivirus program in case the inbuilt definitions utility fails to work or an internet connection is not available.

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If possible, it is advisable to update signatures from within the antivirus. You can find this option in the tray context menu and it ensures that the antivirus program compares the scan results to an updated signature database so that it detects both recent and known threats. However, if not possible, you would have to manually update your program using antivirus definitions. And to do that, you would have to save the installer to your PC.

Definitions are free and compatible with all Windows operating systems.