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Automize is a tool that allows you to schedule and automate some processes of Windows using an intuitive interface. All operations are performed without the need to know programming languages or scripts. In order to tackle processes, you can schedule an email notification to a specified address once the software terminates a process.

• Know the product
Automize is a task organizer and automation program for windows. The program accelerates FTP file transfers, monitor FTP, Web proxy or blocked sites downloads, monitor websites for changes, modify downloads, and much more. Automize can manage all of the above tasks in the order or according to the output codes conditionally. The scheduled tasks can be executed by the second or by the minute, or can schedule it daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The front panel of the program shows and displays activities, performance, and the ratings. It sends email notification if a task failed to execute. You can also organize and schedule tasks on the remote systems.

• How it works?
The program integrates an FTP client to transfer files. The application can be used to monitor web sites and download pages that are modified. The program also supports connections and operations on the database.

• Features of Automize:
1- Easy to use: the user does not need to know a programming language or script to run this program
2- Friendly graphical interface
3- The scripting features are available for advanced users and programmers
4- Powerful, versatile, reliable
5- Free technical support, after buying the full product
6- Free for 30 day demo
7- Works on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and other Unix platforms