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Automize 12.05
Automize 12.05

Automize is a task automation software application. It can be used to schedule and automate a variety of tasks including FTP transfers, web downloads, FTP monitoring, file and directory monitoring, database SQL, ping, and telnet commands. You can also use it to decrypt and encrypt files or folders on a schedule. Monitor websites for updates and download web pages that have been modified. Schedule emails with attachments to multiple recipients. Schedule message reminders and alarms. Plus, print and delete files on schedule.

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Furthermore, you do not need any script or programming knowledge to operate the software. It is easy to operate and comes with a high intuitive user interface. However, if you have scripting knowledge, you have the option of creating automation scripts to build upon the existing Automize tasks. Scripts could be written in Groovy, Java, Ruby, Javascript, AWK, Python, Tcl, and many others.

Automize is free to try and offers a paid version. Additionaly, it is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.