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Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a web development software application. It allows users to create websites without a need to write code. Muse produces static websites and users can host their websites with any web hosting provider. Plus, there is an option to add third-party plug-ins which enable e-commerce, social media, blogging, animation integration, and many other functions.

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Muse offers users an all-in-one package of ease of use and ease of design functionality. It is a paid application available through the Creative Cloud suite and it supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

Support for Adobe Muse will be discontinued on March 26, 2020. Adobe released final updates for the program on March 26, 2018. After support is stopped, users will still be able to create new sites with the program, even edit their existing websites. However, Adobe will not be putting out compatibility updates or fix bugs that could arise when publishing Muse websites on the internet.