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  • Print to PDF from the Flash print dialog
  • Print to “Open in Preview” from the Flash print dialog
  • Quicklook in the File->Open dialog
  • Saving files to the filesystem from a Flash applet
  • Flash applets downloading and running the Adobe Air installer
  • Flash triggering Adobe Air applications to run
  • Beta-entitlements tag in the Entitlement

Adobe Flash Player

A Closer Look at Adobe Flash Player and What it Can Do For You Adobe Flash Player, previously known as Shockwave Flash is a software platform that allow you to access content created on the Adobe Flash platform. This includes vector graphics, browser interactions, desktop applications, animations, mobile applications, and much more. The s...[Read More]

Adobe Flash Player Reviews

If you regularly stream content on YouTube or any other video site then you have definitely come across Adobe Flash Player. Actually, without it, you wouldn’t have viewed those videos anyway. It is the one thing that enables most internet users to interact through multimedia. It works on both computers and mobile devices. As far as stream...[Read More]

How To Use The New Adobe Flash Player Features

Adobe Flash Player is software meant to stream and view audio, video and multimedia. It was initially created by Macromedia, but is currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc. If you use internet, you should be familiar with Adobe Flash Player software. The software can: . Play different types of multimedia uninterrupted. Yo...[Read More]