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Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw is a software plug-in supported in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Bridge, and Elements. It is used to enhance and edit raw images from digital cameras. It also supports non-raw formats including JPEG, HEICs, and TIFF. You can use it to adjust contrast, set white balance, adjust color, adjust tonal range, apply sharpening, control shadows and light, and so much more.

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Adobe Camera Raw enables a user non-destructive editing where it does not damage or change the original photo. Additionally, Camera Raw supports many camera models so it can interpret a wide range of image formats. And it is always putting out updates to support new cameras on the market.

Camera Raw also allows you to export photos in other image formats such as JPEG, digital negative (DNG), Photoshop (PSD), and TIFF. It is a free program and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.