How To Disable Peer-to-Peer On Verizon Devices

How To Disable Peer-to-Peer On Verizon Devices

he peer-to-peer access on your Verizon smartphone or portable device can be blocked in a simple way, if you don’t want to use it for a short period of time. For longer period, you should talk to the Internet provider to eliminate this option from your subscription.

This peer-to-peer access can transmit files which sometimes are infected with malware programs, with viruses, spyware programs and other types of threats. Verizon offers to their customer Internet access via DSL or FiOS fiber optics. You can keep the dangerous files away from your mobile device if you follow some certain steps, which are provided next.

When you are online while using your smartphone or portable device, you have to enter in the URL line, the next string of numbers and letters: This number is provided on eHow. When you write it, Verizon Actiontec will be launched and the sign-in screen will be there to allow you perform the next commands. In the username field, you have to type admin and in the password field, you have to type password. In the article I read on eHow, it is said that you can type also password1, because this will work also. Press Ok to access the settings of the router. At the left side, you will see an option called Advanced Filtering, where you have to click and then to click once again, on the Add button, which is near the Network Rules.

Search for the Source Address and also for the Destination Address and uncheck them. Where you see the geading called Rule Name, select Peer-to-Peer, and click the Drop icon. This means that you drop the use of the peer-to-peer access on that device. You have to press Apply to make the settings work. The difficulty of this operation is moderate, as it is set on the eHow site. Those who want to disable or block the access to the peer-to-peer functionalities, and don’t want to enter by themselves into the phone’s or device’s operating system, can go to a technician. As you can see, the only thing where you have to enter is the Internet and there you will enter a site. The operations are performed on that site. If you want to address to a technician, this operation will cost you, because it is not a normal operation which is necessary in the warranty period, operation that you can get for free.

Peer-to-peer is an application which works with tasks between peers. They form a network of nodes, as this system is described on Wikipedia. If you want to disable the access to this system architecture, you will not be able to use a global protocol that is the essence of this system. This for some is good, for others is bad. It depends on you and your device, if you want to use the system or not.