How To Create A Navigation Structure

Did you know that there are some users which when browse on the Internet, they turn off the images and the videos that might load along with the page, just to make the site load faster and see the text only, in fact the only information that interests them? Well, I admit I did not know that, but I found it out reading an article on dailyblogtips.

When you are writing the content of your page, you must know that from time to time, after 4-5 phrases, you have to insert a blank space. In this way, you will make the content readable and also the users to remain with something in their minds, not only to read just another article and immediately after they will get out from your blog, they will not know anything.

The navigation structure can be easily created if you use certain templates that are already made in some text editors. I know that Dreamwaver and FrontPage allows you to choose a template and modify its size, if you want it a bit different.

There are sites which before you enter on them, you have to press a certain button or to not press any button at all. Just like the Sony site is. When you enter that site, you will see that there is a very short entry page, which directs you to the main page. The site doesn’t allow you to choose what version you want to see: the HTML version of the site, the text version and so on. This is good, but take into account that there are sites, which ask you this, they ask you if you want to see short info about the site before you actually enter on it and other stuff like this. It is not a bad idea, but when you are searching for something, you are in a hurry and you are asked too many questions, you might leave the site and try another one who doesn’t ask you questions like you are at an interview.

I guess you are familiar with those salesmen asking you do you want the red hat, or perhaps the green one, or the wide-brimmed sily hat on the right? You want to buy a hat, not to answer the questions of an interviewer. Come on, are you put there to annoy people or what? The more questions you ask, the more certainty you have that I will never come back to your store and I won’t nuy anything from you today. In other words, you have talked for nothing with me. If you want to be successful, you have to not add so many questions at the beginning of your site: do you want to see the ads, the Flash elements, the banners and so on? No, I would not like to see nor the ads, nor the Flash games, nor anything. In fact, if I think properly, I don’t want to see your content either, so why bother asking me this. The answer is No.