How Should I Protect My PC From Malware And Viruses?

how can i protect my pc from viruses? The life in the twenty first century is reliant on the use of computers and so, PC protection has become a much more complex and important matter. While the increased use of computers and dependence on the internet has led to enormous development in the field to facilitate human life, the threats to computer security have multiplied and become severer in natur...

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of malware programmed to monitor the activities on the target device. Nobody wants a privacy breach and this is why such malicious programs are installed in stealth mode so that the device owners smell a rat. Snoopware is an alternative term for a spyware. The primary objective of these programs is to track the activities on the target device and share them with the host computer...

What is Malware?

The term Malware is an extract from a couple of words; malicious and software and any software that carries some malicious intent falls under malware category. The most usual intent is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a device in an anticipation of gaining access to confidential data.   Terms for a Malicious Software Generally speaking, any software which doesn’t reveal what exactly ...

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