Advanced Uninstaller PRO Review

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Advanced Uninstaller Pro can prove to be a great choice if you want to easily uninstall applications to free disk space from unimportant files, monitor installation process of different software, manage services of operating system and Windows startup and use a variety of registry operations for improved system performance. You can use it for deleting confidential data files that should never be recovered once you have deleted them. You can use it for protection of your data and to optimize your PC so that it provides best performance.

Programs Uninstallation:
Advanced Uninstaller Pro enables you to quickly remove the software that have not been used for a long time in order to release disk space. All you need to do is to choose the application and click Uninstall button. Monitoring Installation Tool helps you keep track of all the files that are stored in memory during installation of any software. Startup Manager lets you enable or disable programs at startup for decreasing required time. With Service Manager, you can manage background apps and can clean Start Menu with the help of Start Menu Cleaner.

File and Registry Tools:
You can optimize disk space by removing temporary files and also by finding all duplicate files and deleting them from hard disk. Furthermore, dynamic compression of files helps you save memory without any harm to data. You can make your registry clean by deleting broken entries and optimize it to allow your system to access registry in a lesser time. File Shredder is another function for protection of important files that must never be retrieved after you have deleted them.

Internet Browser Tools:
Advanced Uninstaller Pro allows you to manage all the web browsers that are installed on your computer. You can view, manage and delete browsing history very easily and can delete all the temporary files that were saved while surfing internet. Furthermore, you can enable or disable useless extensions, plugins, toolbars and add-ons and can get rid of malware content.

Other Features:
Advanced Uninstaller Pro also provides a few other options that are disabled in free Trial and are enabled once you have purchased the Premium version of the software. Daily Health Check is used to keep check of your system’s health. Whenever any issues arise, it displays the status of error and suggests suitable solutions for fixing them. Virus Scanner removes all the malware from your system by scanning your system thoroughly. It generates accurate results and helps you keep your PC protected from unwanted virus, Trojans, worms and other harmful software.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is an efficient tool for your computer that can assist you in proper maintenance. It can increase the speed of PC by optimizing different processes and helps you free space of memory by deletion of useless data. Its user interface is quite simple and can be operated by a few clicks. All the instructions are present with every option, therefore, it is very easy for beginners to perform required tasks without much difficulty.



  • Absolutely free to use
  • variety of tools.
  • clean and intuitive interface


  • Program is cluttered with other tools
  • Includes non-free tools too


Uninstaller Software - 9.9
Monitor an installation - 9.5